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The Houses of Gökçe Gemile

A dream realised.
Thirty years ago, a young student worked on fishing boats to support his studies - and moored around the deserted Gemile Peninsula he fell in love - with the landscape, the wildlife and the crystal clear waters. 

Now in 2018, after a long and successful career and years of work for permissions, his dream is being realised. A unique destination above a private bay, created in complete harmony with nature. 

  • The Setting

    At the tip of the beautiful Gemile Peninsula, the houses of Gökçe Gemile effortlessly blend into the natural landscape.

  • The Houses

    Passionate, creative architecture and natural materials combine in the three houses of Gökçe Gemile.

  • The Private Bay & Coves

    Through the forest to the bay, where the crystal clear waters and private coves await. Seclusion, tranquility and calm.

  • Beyond Luxury

    Waterside breakfasts, a private motorboat and a jeep to explore the peninsula - all part of the unique service.

High on the headland amongst the forests and looking down to the secluded private bay, the Houses of Gökçe Gemile are a personal playground in an astonishing setting.


The Story

Thirty years in the making - the Houses of Gökçe Gemile

In the 1980s, Malik Şahin was a student studying for a degree in Geology. To support his studies he worked on fishing boats working around the coast of Ölü Deniz and he fell in love with the secluded bays and coves and the forested landscapes full of wildlife. 

The crystal clear waters had a unique, almost Caribbean like quality and he dreamed of one day building a house on the headland. But a dream like that is hard to realise - the whole area is heavily protected and there was no construction allowed. Thirty years later, after a long and successful career, an unexpected opportunity presented itself.

  • Malik saw a chance to realise his long held dream.

    He worked tirelessly with innovative architects and the local authorities for permission to create a unique eco-friendly project that would work entirely in harmony with the surrounding nature.

    After nearly four years, he secured the chance to build his vision - the place where he wanted to live, and share his love of this extraordinary coast. 

    The only buildings on the entire peninsula, the Houses of Gökçe Gemile are truly unique and work in perfect harmony with the environment. 

    No trees were cut or moved during the entire construction -  indeed, one of the houses (Gökce) has been built around a Carob tree which stands in the heart of the building.

    Each house is built using hand picked (not mined) stone from a different village in Turkey with two of the houses named after the village that has provided its stone: Elmali and Eşen - created from a single ruined dry-stone wall collected there. The third, Gökçe, is named after the bay with stone from Alaçati.

For nearly two years, artisan craftsmen have lived on site working with natural materials. Jacuzzis are hewn from a single rock or created from locally-sourced pebbles, all the tiles are natural marble and even the sinks are carved from stone. Such is the commitment to ecologically sensitive sourcing that most of the main furniture is created and crafted on site as well.

An open lift platform or the forest trail lead down to the private bay, which is dotted with coves. 

The water is astonishingly blue and perfectly clear. At the base of the trail there is sand, gazebos, a fridge to keep your drinks cool and facilities. Turn left and explore along the bay and numerous coves and places to relax become apparent complete with decking, shade and complete privacy. Turn right and there are more - the whole sweep of the bay is yours. The headland lies beyond the range of day boats - you may see the odd private yacht or fishing boat, but that's it. 

Seclusion matched with exceptional luxury.
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Waterside breakfasts, a private motorboat and a jeep to explore the peninsula - all part of the Fairlight Jones service.

We have an absolute passion for service, and helping create those 'perfect moments' that can turn a holiday into a unique experience. With the Houses of Gökçe Gemile, we have worked with Malik (the owner) to include a range of services that will enhance your enjoyment of this extraordinary place. 

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