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Luxury boutique hotels & exceptional private villas in amazing places.
    The Pelion Peninsula

    Aegean & Pagasitic Gulf, Greece

    The extraordinary region of Pelion is perhaps Greece's best kept secret which makes it a natural choice for the Fairlight Jones portfolio


    Northern Sporades Islands, Aegean, Greece

    Greece's Emerald Isle. Situated in the northern part of the Sporades Archipelago, beautiful Skopelos remains wonderfully unspoilt.

    Cephalonia, Ionian Islands

    Ionian Islands, Greece

    With beautiful and varied scenery, this Ionian island has some of the most dramatic mountain and coastal landscapes throughout Greece.

    The Gemile Peninsula      

    The Lycian Coast, Turkey

    Undeveloped and unspoiled, the Gemile Peninsula is a protected region of natural beauty, one of mountains, coves, crystal clear waters and lush greenery meeting turquoise water.

    The Bozburun Peninsula

     The Lycian Coast, Turkey

    The craggy mountainous Bozburun Peninsula is the real Hidden Turkey. Even in the peak of summer, the peninsula remains peaceful and uncrowded.

    Exclusive Gulet Cruising 

    The Lycian Coast, Turkey

    The perfect way to explore the stunning coastline in a manner available to only the few, swimming in pristine inlets and discovering remote bays all in complete luxury.

Fairlight Jones’ Greece

We have worked in and around Greece for decades and this unique collection has been created in partnership with the true experts – those that live there. Our aim, as ever, is to offer something different - stylish properties, off the beaten track and matched with an impeccable service.

The extraordinary Pelion Peninsula is a mountainous region with exceptional sandy beaches, and is considered Greece’s ‘best kept secret’. In the Northern Sporades, Skopelos remains wonderfully unspoilt with stunning scenery. Our absolute favourite Ionian island, Cephalonia is featured here too. We adore the unspoilt Erissos Peninsula in the north.

This selection of regions and properties reflect both our knowledge of the very best areas of Greece and also our love of this wonderful country and it’s people.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fairlight Jones’ Greece.

Fairlight Jones’ Turkey 

Turkey combines dramatic scenery with wonderful hospitality, sublime food and an eclectic, still-visible ancient history.  Warm and hospitable by nature, broad smiles and open arms welcome you throughout city and coast.  

We fell in love with the Turkey many years ago and continue to believe it is a destination without parallel.  Our hand-picked regions lie away from the main tourist trail and allow you to encounter genuine people and unique cultural experiences that form life-long memories. 

The quality of our Turkish programme is second to none.  Our experienced hoteliers help ensure our properties provide the perfect ambience in which to unwind in the utmost comfort and the luxurious surroundings of our exclusive villas are matched by wonderful service provided by our dedicated team.  

Fairlight Jones has unrivalled knowledge of this truly stunning country and its magnificent peoples, creating discerning holidays which allow you to enjoy the very best that this beautiful country has to offer in a manner available to only the few.

The Lycian Coast

Nestled between the harbour towns of Datça to the west and Kaş to the east, the Lycian Coast is a dazzling stretch of deep blue Mediterranean offset by dense pine forests dipping down to fjord-style inlets, wide open bays and unspoilt villages along its winding shores. 

Strict conservation orders have preserved the lush vegetation, wildlife, ancient settlements and prevented high rise development along the sea front.  With the exception of the urban sprawl of Marmaris, pretty, coastal villages with Hellenistic origins retain a low-key atmosphere and day-to-day rural lives remain intact.

The perceived inaccessibility of the vast Bay of Kalkan and the Kaş Peninsula has allowed tourism to develop slowly and modestly and the area deserves its reputation as home to Turkey’s most stylish coastal retreats.   Characterful pensions, family-run boutique hotels and luxurious private villas coexist harmoniously with the traditionally sea-faring community.  Stylish beach clubs and decked bathing platforms are the perfect eyrie to watch the myriad of boats meandering in and out of the harbour.

The area has long been renowned for its wonderful sailing and small lokantas (cafés) established to serve the yachting community have evolved into high quality, seafood restaurants. Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine is now matched by exceedingly fine Turkish wine and can be taken on candle-lit roof-terraces and floating pontoons.  In the back streets, small eateries still thrive with inventive and mouth-watering cuisine from octopus meatballs to cuttlefish stew.

The region overflows with the opportunity to immerse yourself in Turkey’s culture and is littered with ancient sites you are likely to have all to yourselves:  basilica arches, floor mosaics and ancient amphitheatre lie as they fell and are all the better for it.  

Our Exclusive Properties and Service

Fairlight Jones offers the finest collection of boutique hotels, luxury villas and gulet cruising of any operator in Turkey.  We are fortunate enough to present the only three seafront hotels in Kalkan, the two most stylish, waterfront hotels on the Kaş Peninsula and the most renowned hotel on the Bozburun Peninsula together with a unique collection of the finest and most unusual private villas in Turkey.

All properties are hand-picked by our experienced team and selected for exceptional location (mostly waterfront), tasteful innovative architecture and interior design, style and quality of service. To this we add an array of carefully thought through bespoke services that in combination ensure that Fairlight Jones guests are provided with a truly unique experience – one that that sits well apart from any usual expectation of simply taking a holiday.

Each property has its own story to tell and we have no hesitation in recommending each and every one to create the perfect ambience to enjoy the very best of coastal Turkey.  

The vastly experienced team behind Fairlight Jones have been creating wonderful holiday experiences for over two decades. Our dedication to getting every detail absolutely right has won us a loyal following over the  years - and several national awards. Call our experienced team and we'll get to know you - and what will make your perfect holiday.

    • 100% of Fairlight Jones’ holidays and services are fully financially protected. 

      Unusually for the UK this includes holidays with and without flights and also to guests travelling with us from any country around the world (ATOL and Trust). 

      There are NO exceptions and the service is provided in order to make our financial protection crystal clear and applicable to all our guests.

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