Passports & Visas


All British (and most other nationality) citizens over the age of 16 require a full 10 year passport with at least 6 months validity 

All children under the age of 16, including newborn infants, now require their own passport unless they are already included on a parent's passport .

Children included on a parent's passport cannot travel without the adult and any children under 16 travelling without their parents require their own passport

The name on your passport must match that on your ticket, including any name changes by marriage

Passports take approximately 4 weeks to obtain by post, though this can be longer at peak times.

Turkey E-Visa System

It is now ONLY possible to travel to Turkey with an E-Visa purchased in advance. The improved system was introduced two years ago and is designed to make your arrival smoother than before as there is now no need to queue for a visa, prior to proceeding through passport control. 

The following information is applicable when obtaining your E-Visa:

The current charge for each e-Visa is $20 (approximately £16)

Each visa is valid for multiple entry over 180 days (from the initial arrival date as input in the online application)

Should you amend your travel dates having purchased the e-Visa, the visa is still valid as long as the revised travel dates are within the 180 days (not prior or after)

To obtain your e-Visa and for any other visa information please visit:  Select 'New Application' Then in 'Country/Region' select your OWN country of origin from the dropdown list (United Kingdom if British passport holder).


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