Dionysos Village Hotel
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  • With a dramatic canyon top setting above the beautiful Bay of Kumlubük, the Dionysos Village Hotel is dedicated to tranquil luxury, exceptional organic food and complete relaxation.

    For the last decade the owners Ahmet & Rim Senol have followed their vision of creating a destination where you truly feel you’ve ‘stepped off the world’. 

    The love of good food permeates every aspect of the Dionysos, surrounded as you are by organic vineyards, produce fields and olive groves. You’ll soon grow to love the exceptional (and award winning) olive oil as well as the estate produced wine and fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables.

"If we had to sum up the Dionysos in one word, it would be ‘passion'"

Fairlight Jones

  • The Rooms

    Secluded sandstone rooms, cottages and pool houses are tucked between shaded pathways winding through the Estate. All elegant and contemporary with panoramic sea views. 

  • The Private Waterfront

    The enchanting private waterfront is the perfect spot to spend the day cooled by a gentle breeze and the sound of lapping waves, and the evening dining on the water’s edge.

  • Culinary Services

    Food is integral to the Dionysos experience and home-grown organic produce supplies the three varied restaurants under one of Turkey’s most well-renowned chefs.

  • What’s Included?

    Our range of carefully-crafted services is designed to provide the most perfect moments - far beyond just a holiday. View what's included & what's possible.