Discover the Gemile Peninsula

From bustling Fethiye, a single stone sarcophagus marks the inauspicious road to the Gemile Peninsula, signalling that something very special lies at the end of the track.  Passing through the scented pine forests of the Kaya Valley, the air cools and birds sing loudly while a beguiling hint of turquoise beckons the traveller onwards.

  • The dense foliage opens out onto a valley floor, surrounded by mountains and fields full of wheat and tobacco, criss-crossed by dirt tracks and tiny hamlets where time appears to have stood still for centuries.  

    The area is a natural paradise that lies virtually untouched with a range of rare flora and fauna and a dazzling array of wildlife. You may hear (but will very rarely see) the wild boars which roam the land, golden eagles riding high on the thermals and the moody, stray donkeys who insist on having right of way on the small roads that criss-cross the peninsula. Take time as you travel and all these natural wonders will become apparent. 

    At night you can hear the hooting owls - probably perched in the olive trees and will often find porcupines sunning themselves on rucks at dawn and dusk.

    Following a steep ascent the best vantage point over the unspoilt Gemile coastline emerges: down through the cliffs lie pristine coves, crystal clear waters and lush greenery meeting turquoise water where the only sound is the splosh of a diving turtle.  Undeveloped and unspoilt, the Gemile Peninsula retains a strong sense of heritage in a natural setting.  

    Lizards, dolphins, turtles, and a variety of birdlife are the most frequent visitors, benefiting from the dense alpine forests and the lush fields which line the valley floor.

    The Gemile Peninsula is a haven for peace and tranquillity tucked away seemingly far from the madding crowd yet within 15-minutes of the harbour and market town of Fethiye in one direction and the famed lagoon at Ölü Deniz another.

    The Gemile Peninsula is the location for what we believe to be the most remarkable holiday property throughout Turkey and arguably the entire Mediterranean. The astonishing cliff-top eco-project that is Gökce Gemile. 

    Should you be able to tear yourself away, Gemile is beautifully situated for exploring the many attractions of the Lycian Coast on a day’s outing and – in addition to the immediate region is also within easy reach of the ancient site of Patara and sophisticated small town of Kalkan to the east, and the Dalyan Delta and the super-slick marina at Göcek to the West.