Canyoning in Kibris Canyon / Sporting Activities in Turkey by Fairlight Jones
  • Activity Details




    Day & Time

     Any day: 07:30-17:00 


    Main Journey

    45 minutes


    Meals Provided

    Picnic Lunch



    Escorted Group


    Minimum Age

    16 (14+ if sign disclaimer and strong)



    Average to above average (no previous experience needed)

  • What is Canyoning? 

    Canyoning involves using caving techniques to traverse eroded valleys, cross fast-flowing rivers, negotiate narrow gullies and abseil down waterfalls. We use a professional company that conforms to international standards for safety and use only the best equipment – your guide is a fully trained expert in their field.

    The day starts with a journey to Kibris canyon, about ten kilometres from Sütleğen. After preparing the equipment the adventure begins. Dependent on the size and ability of the group (normally four to ten people) the journey can take anything from five to seven hours. We ask you to provide sports shoes, shorts, a T-shirt you don’t mind getting wet, and a rucksack. The school provide wet suits.

    Who can go Canyoning?

    If you meet the following criteria you are ready!

    You enjoy real adventure

     You can swim

    You’re not afraid of heights

    You’re at least 16 years of age

    You’re in good health

    You understand the adventure takes up to seven hours (including breaks)

    You don’t panic easily

    You aren’t daunted by two abseiling drops of twenty metres each

    Please note: That the specific canyon might vary dependent on seasonal conditions.