• Activity Details

    Cost per person:



    Day & Time

     Any day - 2 hour blocks from 10am 


    Main Journey

    1 hour (drive up Baba Dağ)


    Meals Provided




    Average to above average


    Minimum Age




    Escorted Group

  • The launch site for this flight is from the towering peak of Baba Dağ, approximately 1,900 metres above the stunning lagoon at Ölü Deniz. 

    The descent takes approximately 40 minutes and provides a bird’s eye view of Ölü Deniz, across the deserted ‘ghost village’ of Kayaköy in the Kaya valley, across the wilderness of the Gemile Peninsula and on to the Gulf of Göcek and Fethiye beyond.

    Tandem paragliding leaves you free to enjoy the experience in the hands of an eminently qualified pilot who has complete control over direction and speed and can soar ridges, rise on warm currents and cover vast distances.

    Safety is of paramount importance. The pilots fly four times daily, and carry communication systems and a reserve parachute.

    Each passenger is fully briefed and issued with helmet, boots (although guests are advised to bring their own sports shoes), and flying suit. Flights are cancelled if there’s any meteorological issues on any given day.