Skopelos - Greece’s Emerald Isle. Situated in the northern part of the Sporades Archipelago, beautiful Skopelos remains wonderfully unspoilt with a similar laid-back vibe to the north of our other Greek island, Cephalonia.  

Rural life continues here unabated with quiet streets disturbed only by the occasional passing goatherd, picture-postcard shuttered houses with wooden balconies and dusty donkey tracks winding down to hidden beaches and quiet seafronts, as far removed from modern life as one could ever wish to be. As is the way on Skopleos our properties here are perhaps a little more rustic than in our other regions, albeit being full of character, eminently comfortable and enjoying stunning locations. For us it’s the magic of the island itself that makes Skopelos just perfect for the Fairlight Jones philosophy. 

Our Skopelos Portfolio