Something Different?

Cultural Experiences & Sporting Activities available in other regions

The following services and ideas are available to all or some of your party, designed to enhance and personalise your holiday experience. These are just a few ideas, please feel welcome to discuss your specific requirements with our team at any time.
  • Luxurious Days at Sea

    We believe the sea to be integral to the experience of all our holidays and have therefore created a series of opportunities for Fairlight Jones’ guests to explore the stunning coastline in a manner available to only the few.

  • Private Cultural Experiences

    While staying in the Lycian Coast take the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside and cultural sites, a time capsule waiting to be unearthed. From remote mountain villages to awe-inspiring classical ruins, we can help.

  • Sporting Activities

    For those who enjoy an adrenalin rush even while on holiday, we have hand-picked a host of sporting activities just for you with something to suit everyone – from trekking through to exhilarating paragliding or canyoning. 


  • Villa-party full of teenagers?

    If you have a Villa-party full of teenagers or the young at heart perhaps our Multi-sport Activity Week is something to consider. Pick from a smorgasbord of activities which differ daily and the 6-days can be applied either consecutively or spread across a two week stay.