Activities at The Wolf's Trail Cottage in Bozburun, Turkey

Horses, Trekking & more...

The Services

The Wolf’s Trail Cottage offers all the special villa services which guests have come to expect from Fairlight Jones. In addition, however, it provides an opportunity to enjoy unique experiences provided by the owner, Ayhan, who is keen to impart his love and knowledge of the area with all who visit.  

Indeed, Ayhan (who also owns the nearby Chalet Vista) is a real character, one who the Fairlight Jones’ team has known for many years. He shares our love of Turkey and its people, and most importantly you are certain to be looked after wonderfully during your stay.  Ayhan is a fully-qualified guide, trained in ornithology, botany, archaeology and trekking and his services are available to guests throughout their stay.  His expertise guarantees the opportunity to get beneath the surface of the Bozburun Peninsula and the surrounding area (as far afield as Ephesus) and to experience it in a manner not available to others.

Even if you don’t wish to take Ayhan's private escorted adventures – he is a font of local knowledge and will be delighted to share the inside track on the region with you during your stay. Providing the opportunity to explore beneath the surface of the region and enjoy an experience beyond the stunning retreat that is The Wolf's Trail Cottage.

Privately Guided Adventures

Here we display the unique array of privately guided adventures available to our guests at The Wolf's Trail Cottage (& Chalet Vista) - with prices shown at the foot of page.

It is rare to see any form of equestrianism in Coastal Turkey, and we believe our brand new horse-trekking experiences offer something entirely different for Fairlight Jones’ guests.  

Ayhan was born in Turkey, and raised in Germany and the USA where as a teenager and young adult he spent time in Wyoming, the heart of cowboy country, which is where his passion for horses and love of nature began. He has retained an affinity with horses ever since and wanted to share his love for equestrianism with guests who visit his home on the Bozburun Peninsula. In his own words, he set out to ’bring a touch of Wyoming to Bayir’ and to impart a little of his love of horses with those who visit his home.

  • Ayhan has acquired a stable of three horses – two English thoroughbred, one Arabian - which are well-suited to life on the Peninsula. They are stabled in the grounds beneath the cottage (away from the main house) and are available for trekking experiences in the region.  The beauty of horse-trekking is that you can cover more ground on four legs that you can on two, and from an elevated position in the saddle have incredible views along the trails of peninsula.

    The horse-riding is recommended to guests who are intermediate and above standard riders, who are comfortable in the saddle and can enjoy occasional day treks led by Ayhan. The routes through the forests of the peninsula are well-researched, with commentary on the ever-changing scenery filling in the gaps of the history, wildlife and culture of the surrounding villages and countryside.

The treks operate across the full season including the hottest months of July and August, when the region’s best beaches provide a chance for rider and mount to cool off in the sea.

There are also special horse-trekking weeks which operate in the autumn and winter (2018) and also spring (2019 onwards). These consist of an itinerary based at the cottage with four full-day riding treks along trails exploring the Bozburun Peninsula leading directly from The Wolf’s Trail Cottage. One day is kept for relaxation and another where guests have the opportunity to visit the fascinating region of Dalyan with Ayhan’s company as a guide.

  • The Wolf’s Trail after which the cottage is named no longer exists, but the property is situated metres from The Carian Trail, a 500 mile long itinerant footpath which starts on the Bozburun Peninsula and crosses almost the entire Aegean.  The waymarked footpath leads directly from the doorstep and is ideal for day treks through the lush flora and fauna, with pine needles crunching underfoot and a canopy of carob, pine and cedar trees above.  

    The route leads directly from the cottage through derelict settlements and past row upon row of beautiful beehives. Indeed, the area around Bayir is renowned for its carob and pine honey which is sold in solid sheets in local markets and has a distinctive, full taste. There is a quirky museum which celebrates all things honey and is well worth calling into during your stay. 

Follow the path downhill to a series of delightful cooling pools, fed by a stream, which leads all the way to a small Lokanata (Turkish café) at the end of the trail, serving Turkish tea and Gözleme (a savoury pancake filled with spinach and cheese) in the shade of the trees. Further afield, The Carian Trail is yours to explore in bite-sized chunks, linking an ancient array of paths from traditional caravan routes, to goat trails and roman roads and passing through many unspoilt villages.  

  • In Ayhan's Own Words...

    I am an official, archaeological guide originally from Istanbul, but fell in love with the Bozburun area some 25 years ago. I have made Bayir my home, where I enjoy living close to nature among my olive grove, rugged pine forests and breath-taking views of both mountains and the Mediterranean sea. My passion is both nature and ancient history and I am also fortunate enough to be able to indulge in my passion for ancient history by working as an archaeological guide. 

    The Bozburun peninsula, unaffected by mass tourism and with its variety of flora and fauna and birds, is the perfect place to explore the countryside. I am happy to organise walks on a combination of self-discovered trails, along the Carian Way or to introduce you to traditional Turkish village life in a number of surrounding villages.  Continued below...

In Ayhan's Own Words (continued from the introduction above)...
  • During a visit to Turkey you should not miss the opportunity to experience one of the many ancient sites that can be found in the immediate vicinity as well as further afield. This could include visits to some of my favourites: 

    The beautiful Knidos located on the picturesque Datça Peninsula on the scenic coast where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet. Datça is also known for its stunning scenery and almond and olive oil production. Old Datça was formerly a Greek town and many of the old stone houses have been restored. 

  • For the intrepid, the spectacular site of Ephesus is a ‘must’ and nearby Pamukkale, also known as ‘cotton castle’, is truly unique with its white terraces and thermal waters that are a pleasant and relaxing way to round-off a long but rewarding day.  

    Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, is a charming town with its famous castle and mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world. Here, you can also see the largest number of underwater archaeological artefacts in the world at the castle museum – and the shopping’s not bad either!

  • An alternative day could include other smaller, ancient sites on the Bozburun peninsula such as Amos and Loryma, where you can also simply enjoy the beauty of location. 

    Slightly further afield is Caunos, near Dalyan, situated in a lovely conservation known also for its Carian Tombs above the river and its sandy expansive beach where Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs. 

I would be pleased to arrange a personalised itinerary based on your interest and available time so that you leave Turkey having experienced some of the beauty and warm hospitality of the area which is rich in ancient sites and villages. My sincere wish would be that Turkey finds a place in your heart, as it has done mine. 

Privately Guided Adventure Prices

Ayhan’s guiding services and expertise is available to guests staying at Wolf’s Trail Cottage, Chalet Vista and Dionysos Estate. As he is only one we highly recommend booking your chosen adventures well in advance in order to allow us to create the most suitable adventure-plan for you.

  • Private Guided Horse-trekking Daily

    2.5 hours (half-day) £150 per party

    4-5 hours (full-day) £200 per party

    Max 2 guests - May-Oct

    The cost includes Ayan’s guiding and riding expertise. If applicable, meals and drinks are taken at lokantas along the route and paid locally. Please bring own water.

    Levels: The horse-riding is recommended to guests who are intermediate and above standard riders, who are comfortable in the saddle and can enjoy occasional day treks led by Ayhan. Riding Hats provided.

  • Private Guided Horse-trekking Weekly 

    October: £900 per party + usual villa cost (2019 May, June & October)

    *November-April: £2200 per party (see below)

    Max 2 guests - year round (except Jul-Sep). The cost includes: 

    Four days of guided horse-trekking (approx. 4-5 hours daily) and one day tour of The Dalyan Delta.

    Meals and drinks are taken at lokantas along the route and paid locally. 

    Lunch and entrance fees are included for Dalyan.

    *November-April price includes: private transfers, vehicle and villa and horse-trekking week 
    (1st week starts October 2018, operating therafter through each winter Nov-Apr)

    Levels: The horse-riding is recommended to guests who are intermediate and above standard riders, who are comfortable in the saddle and can enjoy occasional day treks led by Ayhan. Riding Hats provided.

  • Private Guided Trekking (walking) on the Carian Trail

    2 hours (taste)  £45 per party

    3.5 hours (half-day) £60 per party

    4-5 hours (full-day) £75 per party

    Max 6 guests - May-Oct

    The cost includes Ayan’s guiding services. If applicable, Meals and drinks are taken at lokantas along the route and paid locally. Please bring own water.

    Levels: Trails for beginners, intermediate and expert exist in the region. Ayhan will discuss your preference and tailor your experience accordingly. Timings are approximate excluding stops.

  • Private Guided Cultural Experiences

    Daily cost for private itinerary: £120 per party

    Suggested itineraries include: Bozburun Peninsula, Datca Peninsula, Dalyan Delta and finally Ephesus & Pamukkale

    Max 4 guests - May-Oct

    The cost includes Ayan’s guiding services for the day utilising the villa hire car. Meals, drinks, site entrance fees and fuel as applicable are paid locally.

Note: If Dionysos guests do not have a hire car, additional charges apply (per vehicle) as follows: Horse-trekking £75 and Cultural Experiences £100-140 dependent on itinerary.