Our Luxury Gulet Cruise Itineraries in Turkey

Our Gulet Itineraries

Our flexible routes are designed to show the best of the Lycian Coast and visit remote inlets and hidden corners that few visitors to Turkey ever get to see. Each of the carefully chosen itineraries provides time on and offshore with a chance to stretch your legs visiting select cultural sites, harbour towns and markets en route, with the aim of creating a balanced, relaxed schedule. 

The routes outlined are a broad overview of a week’s cruise.  Sometimes itineraries alter due to local conditions and Captain Ali and Vicky (Fairlight Jones Assistant) will always discuss your specific preferences at the start of a cruise.

  • Route 1a Fethiye-Kalkan via Göcek, Gemile, Kekova & Kaş

    *Route 1b Fethiye-Kalkan via Dalyan, Bozburun Peninsula, Göcek & Gemile

    *Route 1c Fethiye-Kalkan via Kaş, Kekova, Olympos & Phaselis

    **Route 1d Fethiye-Kalkan via Datça & Bozburun Peninsulas, Dalyan & Gemile 

     Route 2a Kalkan-Fethiye via Kekova, Kaş, Gemile & Göcek

    *Route 2b Kalkan-Fethiye via Gemile, Dalyan, Bozburun Peninsula & Göcek

    *Route 2c Kalkan-Fethiye via Kekova, Olympos, Phaselis & Kaş

    **Route 2d Kalkan-Fethiye via Datça & Bozburun Peninsulas, Dalyan & Gemile

    Fuel Supplements:

    * A fuel supplement of £500 is applicable to asterixed routes (1b,c, 2b,c) as the routes cover considerable additional distances.

    ** The supplement applicable to routes 1d and 2d is £750. 

  • Itinerary Dates - 2019

    Routes 1a-d Fethiye-Kalkan

    18 May, 1, 15 & 29 Jun, 13 & 27 Jul, 18 & 24 Aug, 7 & 21 Sep, 5 Oct

    Routes 2a-d Kalkan-Fethiye

    8 & 22 Jun, 6 & 20 Jul, 3, 17 & 31 Aug, 14 & 28 Sep, 12 Oct

    Special Itinerary Fethiye-Fethiye

    5 May, 19 Oct

    Special Itinerary Bodrum-Fethiye

    25 May 

    No fuel supplement applicable. We recommend flights into Bodrum and ex-Dalaman. Dalaman return is fine, with a transfer length of approx 3.5 hours


    Private Charter & Individual Cabin Sales

    The majority of cruises are reserved for private charter but we do release Seyhan Hanna  for cabin sales on occasion. The following dates are currently available for Cabin Sales:

    8 June, 6 July, 14 Sep & 12 Oct

    Please note: should your party require two cabins or more we will consider other dates, please feel welcome to enquire.

Itineraries in detail...


    Route 1a 

    Fethiye - Kalkan
     via Göcek, Gemile, Kekova & Kaş

    The perfect way to explore the stunning coastline in a manner available to only the few, swimming in pristine inlets and discovering remote bays all in complete luxury. The itinerary is ideally balanced between remote bays, picturesque harbours and Cultural Sites.  

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    Route 2a 

    Kalkan - Fethiye
     via Kekova, Kaş, Gemile & Göcek 

    A mirror image of 1a - our most popular itinerary is the perfect way to explore the stunning coastline in a manner available to only the few, swimming in pristine inlets and discovering remote bays all in complete luxury.

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    Route 1b 

    Fethiye - Kalkan
    via Dalyan, Bozburun Peninsula, Göcek & Gemile
    Route 2b (vice versa)

    Fuel Supplement: £500

    A real 'Taste of Turkey' which covers further distance than the itineraties above, providing the opportunity to experience the diversity of the landscape of this beautiful coastline.

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    Route 1c 

    Fethiye - Kalkan
    via Kaş, Kekova, Olympos & Phaselis
    Route 2c (vice versa)

    Fuel Supplement: £500

    This itinerary has been carefully created for guests who are keen to cover a greater distance whilst providing an opportunity to discover and explore stunning and remote Cutural Sites on the Lycian coast. 

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    Route 1d 

    Fethiye - Kalkan
    via Datça & Bozburun Peninsulas, Dalyan & Gemile
    Route 2d (vice versa)

    Fuel Supplement: £750

    Covering the greatest distance of all, this itinerary provides a fabulous opportunity to see the fascinating diversity of the Lycian Coast at its finest with Cultural Sites in abundance.

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Itinerary notes:

For Private Charters it is always possible to create a bespoke itinerary according to your party’s wishes. Allowing for fuel and time constraints together with the scheduled start and finish ports we will happily create an itinerary to suit your specific requirements.

Greek Island Cruises: there are currently ongoing maritime discussions regarding the operation of gulets in Greek waters. While there is any uncertaintly we are not offering a Greek alternative in our itinerary listings. Once the position is clarified to our satisfaction we will provide an alternative once again.