Gökçe GemileGemile Peninsula, Lycian Coast, Turkey

Private Islands & Bays - Exclusive Villas/Boutique Hotel

The Concept

A magnificent eco-project providing a world-class, utterly unique holiday destination. Not merely the most luxurious of villas or boutique hotels – more a work of art with nature, architecture and design in perfect harmony. 

Neither hotel nor villa, The Houses of Gökçe Gemile offer something truly unique: Without parallel in the Mediterranean, and possibly worldwide - a breathtaking eco-paradise with private bays, unique luxurious houses & hotel-style services. The three houses can be enjoyed independently or together, either way creating a completely private idyll.

The Region

  • Gökçe Gemile translates as Sky Blue Gemile Bay, the name given by locals to this astonishingly blue bay. Undeveloped and unspoiled, the Gemile Peninsula is a heavily protected region of natural beauty, one of mountains, coves, crystal clear waters and lush greenery meeting turquoise water where the only sound is the occasional splash of a diving turtle. 

    Gökçe Gemile is the sole construction in the entire region, permitted only as this special eco-project is considered a unique example of innovation within Turkey - both conceptually and architecturally. 
    Indeed the peninsula feels as if it is your own Private Island paradise.

The Sounds of Gökçe Gemile

  • This remarkable eco-project is all about the breathtaking setting and magnificence of the surrounding nature and at the heart of its creation is its very sound: the wind, the waves, the birds… 

    Extreme luxury co-exists in complete harmony with its surroundings with not one tree or bush touched during the entire construction. Great lengths have been taken to ensure nature has not been spoiled to create artificial luxury, to the extent that one of the houses (Gökçe) has been literally created around a tree which stands magnificently through its very heart.

    And the extraordinary furnicular lift that links the houses to the waterfront has again been created without a single tree impacted - absolutely vital to Gökçe Gemiles' ethos.  

    The property is the creation of the visionary Malik, whose life dream it is.  From the journey’s outset his premise has been simple and adhered to rigidly:

    “I am humbled by the surrounding nature and have no right or desire to spoil it in any way – my role simply is to enhance and share.” 

    That goal has undoubtedly been achieved with Gökçe Gemile providing a real and unique experience – a perfect sense of peace.

    Hidden corners are located throughout the grounds and surrounding forest all the way down to the beach below, providing areas to sit, contemplate and do little other than breathe in the surrounding nature. The ruins of an old stone house set on the boundary wall are lit at night and provide a perfect spot to relax with a book and absorb ‘the sounds of the forest’. 

    And with a final touch, cars are parked away from the property, thus ensuring that on entering the hidden grounds all that remains are the ‘Sounds of Gökçe Gemile’.

The Story of Gökce Gemiles' Creation

  • In our opinion, Gökçe Gemile should be considered more as a piece of creative art, rather than in any way merely a holiday property, no matter how luxurious. It is truly unique not only in Turkey but throughout the world.

    The owner Malik has worked tirelessly to fulfil his long-held dream - remarkably being his own innovative architect, and working closely with the regulatory authorities for permission to create this unique eco-friendly project that works entirely in harmony with the surrounding nature. 

  • Three years of thought, creativity, and unlimited reserves of energy have resulted in Gökçe Gemile...
    Less a construction, more a journey of passion where every minute aspect has been considered in great detail and each single item has its own story to tell. One of the heritage and nature of Turkey, where hand-made skills and local craftsmanship have been used throughout.

    Artisan craftsmen have lived and worked onsite throughout the project and examples of their remarkable creativity and expertise abound:

Each house is built using stone painstakingly collected from a different village in Turkey – Elmali, Eşen and Alaçati. No stone is mined – instead each is literally picked from the ground, weather-beaten and gloriously recycled. Indeed, the house named Gemile is created from a single ruined dry-stone wall collected from the village of Eşen.

A standard luxury such as a pool jacuzzi is not simply integrated into a swimming pool. A boulder has been collected from the depths of Turkey and transported to Gemile where it has been split apart and individual jacuzzi’s carved in free-form fashion from the rock by hand.

No fabricated tiles are utilised in the concept – all are natural marble sourced in and around Turkey.

As with the houses no tiles are used for the natural lake-pools, instead all are lined with natural stones collected from local rivers.

Each room in each house has its own unique style, with use of differing materials, textures and design.

70% of the main furniture has been hand-crafted on-site from beds, to tables, chairs and mirrors.

Even the sinks are not bought – instead painstakingly carved from metamorphic rocks brought from all over Turkey.

All the wood used is reclaimed and plastic does not appear at all - stone, iron and reclaimed wood only.

 All of which lead to the final - and equally unique - elements of the concept:

  • The Houses

    The three spacious and luxurious houses are each truly unique. Complete harmony between the architecture and the surrounding nature, create a sense the entire peninsula and sea beyond are entirely yours alone...

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  • The Bays & Coves – an untouched private paradise

    Of its many and varied attractions, the bay with its seven coves is the absolute highlight of the unique experience that is Gökçe Gemile. The water is astonishingly blue and crystal clear...

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