The Houses at Gokce Gemile

The Houses of Gökçe GemileGemile Peninsula, Lycian Coast, Turkey

Private Islands & Bays - Exclusive Villas/Boutique Hotel

The Houses

We could easily say each house has reason to be our favourite – and assure you that is in no way ‘brochure-spiel’. 

Each is entirely individual and though differing in concept what they have in common (apart from unique design and absolute luxury) is enormous private space – both inside and out. Not only the individual house and private gardens, but also throughout the extensive grounds leading through the forest to the bay below. Designed entirely with privacy in mind, each is entirely protected from another by both distance and cleverly positioning of natural walls and trees.

Blending in with the surrounding nature are the imaginatively crafted natural-style lake pools. As with the houses no tiles are used, instead all are lined with natural stones collected from local rivers. The pools are enormous, beautifully crafted and provide wonderful views with each overflowing into a separate area with natural ponds and waterfalls – a real oasis.

Usually with houses of this quality in terms of their elegance and luxury the emphasis of our presentation would very much focus on how wonderful they are. They truly are (each is described fully below), however Gökçe Gemile is about so much more than the houses alone – no matter how stunning and creative - it just can’t be. 

It is about the complete harmony between the architecture and the surrounding nature, creating a feeling the entire peninsula and sea beyond are entirely yours alone to enjoy – a rare privilege and an experience to be treasured.
The three unique houses can be enjoyed independently or together, either way creating a completely private idyll...

New Images & Project Update

We are delighted to announce that this wonderful three-year project is now complete and our first guests are in situ. 

Our photographer has recently completed a major shoot which will take a little time to produce in full. The initial images are now live which cover the main property overview. Over the next few weeks more will be added together with room-by-room interiors.  


    3 bedroom house, sleeping 6

    Glorious views across the forest and sea in both directions

    The central of the three houses, here the theme is a luxurious ‘rustic-chic’, blending a natural feel with a real sense of style. High-ceilinged and spacious, with fabulous views and continuing the theme of bringing the outside in, both the extensive private gardens, together with the forest, mountains and sea beyond.

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    4 bedroom house, sleeping 8 

    Breathtaking views across the forest and Gemile Bay

    Possibly (and only possibly) our favourite of the three houses - combining elements taken from each of the other houses, Gemile enjoys a beautiful setting and an inordinate amount of private space both inside and out with a highlight being the enormous lake-pool in complete harmony with the surrounding nature.

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    4 bedroom house, sleeping 8

    Simply... the most stunning location in Turkey

    The most contemporary – natural but with an edge. Steel, wood and stone in combination together with walls of glass which take full advantage of the staggering location and provide a true sense of inside-outside living - as does the tree growing through the heart of the interior...

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Image below (l-r): Gökçe, Elmali & Gemile

Special Introductory Tester Offer

Guests travelling in 2018 (and booking early for 2019) can benefit from our very Special Tester Offers - an opportunity to be one of the very first to experience this exclusive brand-new property at an exceptional rate!

Great care is taken when choosing new properties for our portfolio and we believe that The Houses of Gökçe Gemile sit comfortably amongst the most exclusive holiday experiences that Turkey and perhaps the Mediterranean has to offer. The introductory rates are displayed after reduction - and are considerably below what they will be in the future as a means of thanking you for being amongst the first to enjoy this brand-new property and concept.