Gökçe GemileGemile Peninsula, Lycian Coast, Turkey

Private Islands & Bays - Exclusive Villas/Boutique Hotel

The Private Bays & Hidden Coves – an untouched private paradise

Of its many and varied attractions, this is the absolute highlight of the unique experience that is Gökçe Gemile. There are seven private coves to choose from and in all, the water is astonishingly blue and crystal clear...


    Not only do the three houses enjoy every luxury imaginable, peacefully located in the forest with stunning far-reaching sea views, but they are connected to the glorious bay below by a concealed inclined lift blending with the forest that leads down to the dazzling secret secluded bay and coves below.  

    Astonishingly the incredible attention to detail and energy put into the lift's creation has ensured not a single tree has been impacted - absolutely vital to the Gökçe Gemile ethos.  

    Alternatively, a trail follows the lift’s path providing hidden corners in which to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery en route to the seafront.

    Naturally, nothing has been done here to spoil the nature. Instead, elegant areas have been created in the seven coves spread around the bay, ensuring there is always a private cove for guests to enjoy in complete privacy - with at least one private shady decked area provided for each house.
    Here, a sanded area sits on an outcrop above the sea, there a natural ‘sea-jacuzzi’ and in all an array of sunbeds and shade to relax and enjoy the stunning tranquility. 

    The blue, blue waters of the bay are yours to enjoy, usually shared only with the turtles that spend much of their time in the local waters. Turtles apart, the location close to the tip of the peninsula means the bay is normally visited only by the occasional fishing vessel or passing yacht, being too far logistically for day boats to disturb – thus very much your private domain to enjoy...

  • The Beach Clubhouse nestles, hidden in the forest above a fine white-sand beach. 

    Here refreshments are served throughout the day, including light-lunch, afternoon tea and refreshing fruit.

    Complimentary Water Sports
    The sheltered bay provides wonderful swimming and snorkeling opportunities in its crystal-clear, deep blue waters. And for the more actively inclined an array of toys is available for complimentary use which are provided by the Beach Clubhouse team and include: Sea Kayaks, paddleboards, snorkels and flippers – which allow for exploration of the far reaches of the bay. 

    There is a small motor boat, used for trips around the bay, delivering guests to/from the more remote hidden coves. It is also available (for a small fuel fee) to visit the nearby islet of Balaban (providing wonderful snorkelling and scuba diving).

    Simple fishing equipment is also provided and additionally, Gökçe is renowned for providing some of the best diving in the region with arrangements made locally for this service if required.


In Turkey the entire coastline is open to the public. However, access to the coves in this case can only come from the sea and is therefore most unlikely.

For reasons of safety we ask that guests do not leave the confines of the bay unless escorted by a guide.

The open lift is designed to allow guests to feel the nature as they descend though the forest. Naturally the lift is professional in every respect and has a capacity for six guests and a barrier of 110cm with complete adherence to health and safety provisions.

The lift is self-operated and extremely simple and safe to use though we ask that guests follow the clear and simple guidelines and are responsible for their own safety. 

The lift is not operational at night (after 19:00), though if guests have booked for private waterside dining the lift will be operated by the staff.

The lift undergoes a thorough maintenance check once-weekly. At this time (several hours) the lift is inoperable with guests asked to enjoy their private houses.