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The Culinary Experience at Gökçe Gemile

The aim has been to create an array of services at Gökçe Gemile that ensures guests are completely relaxed at all times – certainly a long-way removed from any concept of a traditional self-catering holiday. Naturally the houses are equipped with the most cutting-edge of kitchens, however the Gökçe Gemile services are designed to ensure they are only used if that is your pleasure.

Our belief is that the setting is so very special that guests will want to spend all or most of their evenings enjoying the breathtaking setting and unique ambience. That said Gökçe Gemile is ideally positioned to explore the restaurants of the local region, in particular those of nearby Kayaköy and Fethiye. The point being, if you can possibly tear yourself away there are excellent restaurants to enjoy locally. Here we describe the many culinary opportunities available in and around Gökçe Gemile.

  • Dining at Gökçe Gemile

    The following introduction is in Malik (Gökçe Gemile's creator) own words and sets the scene beautifully. A full description, together with any cost (if applicable) is then presented below.

    "Gökçe Gemile is not a restaurant but our guests’ home from home for the duration of their holiday. 
    And just as in any Turkish home, we like to offer our guests a variety of dining choices...

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The Culinary Service

Please note advance notice is requested (as described) for some services as all ingredients are freshly sourced and prepared.

    A Waterside Breakfast

    (complimentary - daily)

    Our exclusive service includes breakfast served each day, at a time which suits you, in the stunning setting of the Beach Clubhouse, or perhaps on occasion in one of the secluded coves (with your feet dabbling in the water).

    Breakfast at Gökçe Gemile includes a wide range of Turkish and Mediterranean options, with the finest seasonal fresh produce locally sourced from the nearby village or farmers’ market, wherever possible.


    Waterfront Lunch & afternoon refreshments 


    A range of mouth-watering lunches and appetising snacks are served on the beach, either on the shaded seating areas overlooking the sea, or for added privacy, in one of the hidden coves. Cooked with consummate skill by the Gökçe Gemile team, the focus is on traditional home-cooked Turkish, Aegean and Mediterranean dishes and use fresh, local ingredients.

    Late-afternoon the Beach Clubhouse team serve tea and biscuits or cake and on occasion through the day refreshing fruit is sent to your private cove.

    On the day each week that guests are enjoying the Private Skippered Luxury Day at Sea, a complimentary picnic lunch and afternoon tea are served aboard.

    Private Waterside Dining


    A culinary delight awaits - fresh, organic and exquisite. This is not ‘fine-dining' -  it's something different entirely where the aim is to provide guests with a unique culinary experience completely in harmony with the Gökçe Gemile concept and one not available to the average visitor to these shores…

    As one of the most important elements of the Gökçe Gemile philosophy is privacy, waterside evening meals are served exclusively to one house party on any given evening. This ensures that each party receievs an entirely exclusive experience with the entire bay to enjoy in complete privacy. 

    In order to ensure you receive the service best-suited to your needs, please ensure your dining requirements are discussed either before arrival (with the Fairlight Jones team), or on arrival with the Gökçe Gemile team.

Complimentary Private Waterside Dining
We are delighted to provide this unique experience to our guests once each week of your stay. The evening is as described within ‘Barbecue dining’ below with the menu based on the 'Special Marinaded Meats' selection. Should some guests within your party prefer a fish or vegetarian alternative, fresh grilled fish and/or additional vegetarian alternatives will be served alongside the already wide array of (mostly vegetarian based) Turkish meze dishes. Simply inform us of your specific requirements before you travel and all will be arranged.

  • Barbecue Dining 

    The title is perhaps a little simplistic to do the evening justice - this is a truly exceptional culinary and ambient experience, receiving rave reviews from guests to date.

    The Gökçe Gemile team prepares delicious barbecues which are based on meats, fish and a range of traditional Turkish or Mediterranean themed dishes on request. These include a wide array of mezes, salads, fruits and desserts all locally-sourced and organic village produce, created and served by those who do it best – our native Turkish village hosts.

    Special Marinaded Meats: Preparation for the barbeques is an art in itself. Carefully selected cuts of succulent beef or lamb – sourced from the local farmer – are rubbed with local herbs before being marinaded in a special sauce for the whole day, just to make them even more mouth-watering and tender. The meal includes a selection of meze and salads, and is followed by dessert, fruit and after dinner tea or coffee.

    Seafood: Many guests love fishing, so the Gökçe Gemile team are happy to escort guests to provide the chance to catch your own supper! The team then prepares, grills and serves the catch with a selection of mezes and salads, followed by dessert, fruit and after dinner tea or coffee. Don't worry, if the day's catch is not a success (or guests prefer not to try), fresh fish is sourced from local fishermen.                                                            

    Cost per pers: Marinaded Meats: £50, Seafood: £60

    Min notice required to arrange: 2 days

    Complimentary Dining: For preparitary reasons it is not possible to split these menu alternatives within one party. Should all your party prefer the seafood alternative, this can be arranged for a supplement of £15pp (applicable to full party).

  • Seafood Feast - gala dining for the most special of occasions

    For guests requiring dining on a more lavish scale, Gökçe Gemile call on the services of the finest seafood chef in the region. He arrives, together with his team and a selection of sensational seafood starters and meze, as well as an enormous range of beautiful seafood, including lobster, tiger prawns, calamari, octopus and fish.

    These are transformed into a gastronomic banquet that truly has to be seen to be believed.

    The meal is of course accompanied by a selection desserts and fruit together with tea and coffee.

    Cost per pers: £125

    Min notice required to arrange: 3 days

    An Evening in the harbour towns of Fethiye or Göcek

    (complimentary - once weekly)

    Though not including a meal, this service is displayed here in order to aid the plannning of your stay at Gökçe Gemile. 

    Available to guests in each house on one evening each week. A chauffeured minibus is provided to allow guests to explore and dine in one of the harbour towns of Fethiye or Göcek without having to drive. Subject to availability, the chauffered minibus is available for additional trips (day and evening), paid in situ.

    Once weekly: Sun-Fri

    Dining Locally


    Should you be able to tear yourself away from the stunning waterside location the delights of the region await. The local region is renowned throughout Turkey as an area of outstanding natural beauty with a stunning coastline and an array of characterful towns and villages that show Turkey at her very best.

    The regions' best and most interesting restaurants are to be found nearby in the rural Kayaköy (5-minute drive) or the market and harbour town of Fethiye (20-minutes). A special recommendation here to experience the unique atmosphere of the renowned Fish Market restaurants. Recommendations and reservations can be made in situ.

    A complimentary return transfer service is provided by local Kayaköy restaurants allowing guests to relax without the need to drive.

    On your arrival, with our compliments...

    (complimentary - on arrival)

    To ensure you are relaxed from the moment you arrive a light meal is provided on your first evening -  a selection of Turkish Mezze, fresh fruit and dessert of baklava are provided with our compliments. 

    Also provided are a generous welcome hamper together with fresh drinking water in each house throughout your stay.

  • Gökçe Gemile House Helper - Home Help/Cook/Nanny

    The unique array of services already presented, is intended to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger while staying at Gökçe Gemile. Perhaps the final touch for you might be your own House Helper pre-booked to look after your every need for six-days weekly. 

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