Dining in Kalkan

Look upwards on Kalkan’s cobbled streets and spy an array of roof terraces which play host to the fine dining scene for which the harbour town is renowned. Dining under the milky way is a not-to-be-missed Kalkan experience and the relaxed atmosphere, quality cuisine and sea and star views create long-lasting memories. Quite simply, for us this defines what it is that sets Kalkan apart.

  • A recent but most welcome addition to the Kalkan nightscape is Suleyman Yilmaz Street. Set at the rear of the old town this street is a colourful, eclectic selection of bohemian-style bars and quite superb restaurants. All combining to provide a feast which is not for the eyes alone.

    There is something for everyone here from upmarket, waterfront fish restaurants to simple Mediterranean cuisine in an extraordinary setting. And more simple still an array of Lokanta (cafés) where sitting on floor cushions is not unusual. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced: the short journey from field to table makes each plate zing with flavour. Food is usually matched by high quality Turkish wines that are only just beginning to appear on good sommelier’s lists in the UK.

    Dining starts with an array of small mezze dishes which are shared between the table. These either constitute just a starter or the entire meal – generally when hot mezze appears it is assumed the main course has begun. Ottoman cuisine is one of the oldest in the world and – unknown to many - is considered one of the world’s major cuisines. It’s wonderful: delicately spiced vegetables take centre stage alongside an array of succulent meats flavoured with fresh herbs.