The Wider Region

 For those seeking adventure Kalkan is ideally located for exploration with a variety of destinations easily accessible and very much part of the story of your stay.

Getting Out & About

Whether travelling by dolmuş, taxi, by car or on foot we encourage our guests to explore the natural beauty of this glorious region.

Weekly Markets

Food and produce markets are bursting with life and take place daily throughout the region: the Kalkan market on a Thursday and Kaş market is on a Friday. Traders set up shop from around 8am through till dusk, a perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with the locals.  You’ll find a mélange of locally grown fruit, vegetables, cheese, olives, honey as well as traditional fabrics and more contemporary items such as T-shirts, jewellery and bags. And there’s always a chance to stop off for a snack and a drink and people-watch.  

Walks, Treks & Drives in the Region

Detailed information on the plentiful variety of walks, treks and drives is available prior to your departure in our informative Guide.

By Dolmuş

A daily feature of Turkish life, dolmuş are the hop-on, hop-off local minibus that whiz around towns and regions delivering locals throughout towns and villages.  be warned, however, it doesn’t usually stick to the timetable.

A Dolmuş is the cheapest way to get around and its literal translation means ‘stuffed’ which is easy to understand when you see it in action. They fill up quickly, especially on market day, when the whole town hops onboard, animals includes. 

Operating throughout the day they follow specified routes and the destination is displayed on the front windscreen, or as announced by the bus boy who collects your fare.  There are no bus stops – do as the locals and simply hail the service down from the side of the road.

The daily services running from Kas to Kalkan are detailed below. 

Kaş:  Daily every half an hour from 09:30 to 12:00, then every hour on the hour until 18:00. The trip takes about thirty-five minutes

Patara Beach:  Every half an hour from 10:00 to 12:00 and then every hour on the hour until 18:00. The trip takes thirty to forty-five minutes. On top of the cost of the dolmuş, there’s a small additional entrance fee to the beach which subsidises the conservation area

Kaputaş Beach: Daily every half an hour from 09:30 to 12:00 and then every hour on the hour until 18:00. The trip takes approximately fifteen minutes

Fethiye and Antalya: Buses to Fethiye and Antalya go on an hourly basis.

By Taxi

Taxis are in plentiful supply and are easily identified. The bright yellow taxis operate either a meter system (with a supplement after midnight) or a fixed tariff. It’s a good idea to agree the price in advance if it’s not a metered taxi.

By Car

If you want the freedom of having your own vehicle, you can hire a car.

  • Distance

  • Drive (approximate)

  • Kaputaş Beach
  •  7 km 

  • 10-minutes

  • Patara (site & beach) 
  • 16 km 

  • 20-minutes

  • Xanthos
  • 18 km 

  • 20-minutes

  • Letoon 
  • 20 km

  • 25-minutes

  • Kaş 
  • 27 km

  • 30-minutes

  • Fethiye
  • 80 km

  • 1 hour

  • Ölü Deniz 
  • 89 km

  • 1 hour 10-minutes

  • Kekova 
  • 45 km

  • 1 hour 15-minutes

  • Dalaman
  • 130 km

  • 1 hour 40-minutes

  • Dalyan 
  • 145 km

  • 2 hours

  • Pamukkale
  • 266 km

  • 3 hours 45-minutes

  • Ephesus
  • 357 km

  • 4 hours 15-minutes