Split Centre Holidays staying in a variety of properties on the Lycian Coast

In order to discover the best of the unspoilt Lycian Coast  we would recommend a Split Centre holiday staying in a variety of our exclusive properties. Visiting two or more of our unusual properties and regions allows you to experience the enormous variety of this special region providing an unforgettable and unique experience. Any combination of properties and/or durations is feasible.

How to cost Split Centre Holidays

Create a price in just FOUR simple stages:

Stage 1: Apply the 'Accommodation Only' rate for the date of arrival and specific duration at your first property

Stage 2: Repeat as relevant to your chosen holiday applying rates relevant to the date of arrival at the specific property in each case

Stage 3: Add the transfer costs between regions as relevant, or car hire if you prefer to drive yourself. Airport transfers on arrival and departure are included

Stage 4: Apply the cost of any flight arranged by yourself or us as you prefer (if required).

Note: The minimum charge for a stay in any one property is for three nights (hotels) and five or seven nights (villas) - though you are welcome to stay for any duration.

  • Kalkan & Kas

  • Gemile Peninsula 

  • Exclusive Gulet Cruising

  • Bozburun Peninsula